Key Aspect of Choosing Storage Most Consumers Miss

Renting a storage unit seems to be a straightforward process. However, many consumers overlook simple attributes that end up causing them trouble. For instance, when you calculate the space needed to store your keepsakes do you factor in yourself? You should if you want to avoid moving all your belongings out of the unit whenever you need something. People across the U.S. utilize storage to downsize, declutter, and even conduct business. Therefore, ensuring that your unit is managed by a reliable service is paramount to success.

Customer Service & Security

A great indicator of reliable business is strong customer service. This is reflected by the manager of the facility. Great management is an indicator of great service. A manager should be up front, open, cordial, hard-working, and ready to delve into any problems. They should answer all of your questions up front and go out of their way to make you comfortable. Part of that comfort is influenced by the security measures used to protect your belongings.

A reliable storage company provides protection as well as convenience. Facilities should have cameras, alarms, a digital keypad at the entrance gate, and a live-in manager. The alarms and cameras provide a deterrent, and the live-in manager provides round-the-clock monitoring.


Never do business with a facility that has a dirty office. If they cannot manage their own space they will not be able to manage yours. A storage facility office should be swept, dusted, organized, with a spotless lavatory. Cleanliness should also translate to the appearance of the workforce. If they operate as professionals, then they should dress like professionals.


Do not focus solely on convenience when searching for a storage facility. You need to conduct more detailed research. Find two or three reliable services and compare prices. Start with recommendations first and talk to friends and family. If they currently use a storage service they may simplify your search right away. The next place to look is online. An internet search for a storage everett wa. will reveal every facility in your surrounding area. Pay attention to how they are reviewed and rated. Good service breeds a good reputation.

Next, look at fundamental things like their hours of operation. Many consumers rarely visit their storage. After they register the facility becomes nothing more than a monthly charge. If you plan to regularly visit your storage, then its hours of operation are probably of interest. Services that are open 24 hrs. would be a better choice for you. Make sure to pay attention to services that have specials as this can provide benefit to cost. Also, be sure of the exact unit you need for your specific situation. If you buy too much space you will end up wasting money. If you buy too small you will be unable to store everything you need.


Last but not least make sure the facility you choose has pest control service. Storage facilities need to spray regularly to ensure roaches, moths, and rats will stay away from your stuff. All three of these pests can cause irreparable damage to your belongings.