Is Shale Oil Investing A Good Idea

Oil that is produced by rock oil shale fragments is known as shale oil. It is an unconventional oil that is produced by the following processes hydrogenation, thermal dissolution, and pyrolysis. The organic matter within the rock is converted into synthetic oil and gas. Once the oil is converted it can immediately be used for fuel. Oil shale is not a new product it was the first form of mineral oil sources that was used by humans. The earliest date of historical use of shale oil was in the 14th century and this was in Australia and Switzerland. Oil Shale is said to have healing properties as well and it was used in the lanterns throughout the streets of Modena, Italy to light the streets. The shale oil  industry has really emerged since the 19th century and there are many plants that have been built in the United States, China, Australia, Brazil, and New Zealand.

Where Is Oil Shale Information Found

Most Shale Oil News can be found on many different outlets such as newspapers, websites, specialized podcast, and on engine searches. Most of the information that you will find is going to be from websites that specialize in shale oil. A website goal is to educate the general public and investors on the ups and downs and changes in the shale oil industry. A few of these websites are, national,, and Websites such as will provide you with more of an element background of shale oils an example is where it can be found and the different chemical and physical properties that are in shale oil. Then you have sites like and that will provide you with investment information in regard to Shale oil. So there are many different ways that you can get the information that you are looking for in totality when it comes to shale oil.

Is It A Good Time to Invest In Shale Oil

The current news here in America in regards to investing in shale oil is basically to be cautious at this time? It has been reported that the oil prices of shale oil are currently dropping. It is also being reported that not just is price dropping but the production of shale oil is dropping as well. Publications such as the Wall Street Journal have reported that the production numbers of shale oil are being exaggerated industry-wide in excess of 10 to 50%. The chief executive officer of Continental Resources which is one of the largest players in the shale oil industry thinks that the industry may drop 50% by the end of the year. The most people who are going to fill this hit are investors who are invested in private firms who hold a large stake in the shale oil industry. It has also been stated that these firms are having a hard time selling the shale oil bonds and are currently stuck with this debt. So, with all these factors investors should definitely holt on shale oil investing until the market starts to move in a positive direction.