Impact Style Windows and Florida Homes

A lot of homeowners, especially those in storm heavy states such as Florida, are curious about impact windows. Maybe you’re curious about impact windows in naples fl? The homes might be nice within this city, but the hurricane winds faced by Naples is no joke! We’ll be looking at what impact windows are. After that, we’ll be examining some of the most imperative considerations to keep in mind if you find yourself shopping for a window upgrade for your home.

What are Impact Windows?

As their name implies, impact windows were designed with preventing dangerous impacts in mind. No Window can chase a blown item away from it, but certain window designs have glass that is designed to not break away upon impact. You can’t build a window that won’t get hit, but you can build a window that won’t break when it is hit. This is the idea behind impact windows.

With some Regions, you might not have a Choice when it comes to These Windows…

The Florida Storm association notes that local law requires impact windows if a homeowner lives in a region that is either one mile away from a coast line or has experienced winds 110 mph or higher during past storm seasons. These residents have no choice but to install such windows. Somebody that lives in a Florida region that does not meet these requirements will get to choose. With the hurricanes over the past decade, there really is no choice if you stop to think about it. If you live in Florida, you are going to want impact style windows throughout your home.

What was that about Considerations?

Earlier, we mentioned that there are some important considerations to keep in mind when contemplating a window upgrade of this sort. The most important consideration is that there are two kinds of impact windows in general. One kind is designed to prevent smaller projectiles from breaking the glass and the other is designed to prevent larger items from breaking the glass. In simple terms, if you are hoping to prevent breakage in the event of an entire tree crashing through, you are going to require the latter category. The first category is for homeowners concerned over flying furniture and shrubs.

The Second Important Consideration has to do with Framing

The second important consideration when shopping for impact windows is that you are going to have to replace your frames too. While many homeowners desire a system where their existing frames are retrofitted with such windows, these windows really do require a heavier duty frame to correctly support them as they serve their purpose. If you plan on upgrading to these windows, plan on upgrading all the window frames as well.

There is a lot to Consider but Safety is still Paramount

While these considerations are a lot, don’t let them deter you from upgrading to these windows if you live in a state such as Florida. These windows can keep you and your family safe. This is the concern that is paramount.