How Online Marketing Became So Big

Online marketing is a growing way company around the world are advertising their businesses. Online marketing is a modern form of advertisement. It is marketing on digital and online platforms. Online marketing is also referred to as digital marketing. The demand for online marketing has grown from consumers who spend much of their time browsing their internet and on social media. Companies like Google, Facebook and Instagram have seen the lucrative possibilities with monetizing these consumers with ads. On the flip side, businesses have seen ample opportunities to get in front of more customers, make more money and grow their presence through online marketing.

Online marketing has given birth to a wave of opportunities and new companies. Dropshipping is one of these. Dropshipping is the process of promoting a product to a customer and not having to hold inventory for the product. When a customer places an order on a website, the dropshipper will then fulfill the order from wherever the product is located. Dropshipping has become so popular because it requires no need to have a lot of inventory, does not require a major finical upfront investment and can lead to a seven figure career.

Another example of how online marketing has exploded with career and financial opportunities for people is evident in the virtual assistant space. People are able to work virtually as assistants for others. Many online marketing companies and digital marketers employ an online virtual assistant to handle copywriting, customer service, keeping track of customers and sales and assisting them with other tasks.

Online marketing and social media overlap. In some cases, online marketing is completely done through social media channels. Many online ads take place on social media platforms. Because of the boom of online marketing more and more people are opening social media management companies that run social media accounts, develop social media accounts and handle advertising needs for social media accounts. Big bucks can be made as a social media manager.

Online marketing overlaps with influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is when influencers on social media promote another business’s brand, service or items. Influencer marketing has a lot to do with social media marketing. Influencer marketing was born from people being able to create social media accounts with massive followings. Influencer marketing is similar to online marketing except the influencer is the person that does the marketing and posts the ad. The influencer is compensated by creating and posting the ad. Influencer marketing is expected to only flourish and grow.

Online marketing became so big because people are spending a lot of time on the internet and they are spending a lot of time making purchases on the internet. From dropshipping to social media management to virtual assistants, the internet has give rise to so many different forms of opportunities and employment that did not exist twenty years ago. This is just the beginning. As technology advances, over the next few decades, the world will be utterly digital and many people will find the internet as their source of income.