Is Shale Oil Investing A Good Idea

Oil that is produced by rock oil shale fragments is known as shale oil. It is an unconventional oil that is produced by the following processes hydrogenation, thermal dissolution, and pyrolysis. The organic matter within the rock is converted into synthetic oil and gas. Once the oil is converted it can immediately be used for fuel. Oil shale is not a new product it was the first form of mineral oil sources that was used by humans. The earliest date of historical use of shale oil was in the 14th century and this was in Australia and Switzerland. Oil Shale is said to have healing properties as well and it was used in the lanterns throughout the streets of Modena, Italy to light the streets. The shale oil  industry has really emerged since the 19th century and there are many plants that have been built in the United States, China, Australia, Brazil, and New Zealand.

Where Is Oil Shale Information Found

Most Shale Oil News can be found on many different outlets such as newspapers, websites, specialized podcast, and on engine searches. Most of the information that you will find is going to be from websites that specialize in shale oil. A website goal is to educate the general public and investors on the ups and downs and changes in the shale oil industry. A few of these websites are, national,, and Websites such as will provide you with more of an element background of shale oils an example is where it can be found and the different chemical and physical properties that are in shale oil. Then you have sites like and that will provide you with investment information in regard to Shale oil. So there are many different ways that you can get the information that you are looking for in totality when it comes to shale oil.

Is It A Good Time to Invest In Shale Oil

The current news here in America in regards to investing in shale oil is basically to be cautious at this time? It has been reported that the oil prices of shale oil are currently dropping. It is also being reported that not just is price dropping but the production of shale oil is dropping as well. Publications such as the Wall Street Journal have reported that the production numbers of shale oil are being exaggerated industry-wide in excess of 10 to 50%. The chief executive officer of Continental Resources which is one of the largest players in the shale oil industry thinks that the industry may drop 50% by the end of the year. The most people who are going to fill this hit are investors who are invested in private firms who hold a large stake in the shale oil industry. It has also been stated that these firms are having a hard time selling the shale oil bonds and are currently stuck with this debt. So, with all these factors investors should definitely holt on shale oil investing until the market starts to move in a positive direction.…

How Online Marketing Became So Big

Online marketing is a growing way company around the world are advertising their businesses. Online marketing is a modern form of advertisement. It is marketing on digital and online platforms. Online marketing is also referred to as digital marketing. The demand for online marketing has grown from consumers who spend much of their time browsing their internet and on social media. Companies like Google, Facebook and Instagram have seen the lucrative possibilities with monetizing these consumers with ads. On the flip side, businesses have seen ample opportunities to get in front of more customers, make more money and grow their presence through online marketing.

Online marketing has given birth to a wave of opportunities and new companies. Dropshipping is one of these. Dropshipping is the process of promoting a product to a customer and not having to hold inventory for the product. When a customer places an order on a website, the dropshipper will then fulfill the order from wherever the product is located. Dropshipping has become so popular because it requires no need to have a lot of inventory, does not require a major finical upfront investment and can lead to a seven figure career.

Another example of how online marketing has exploded with career and financial opportunities for people is evident in the virtual assistant space. People are able to work virtually as assistants for others. Many online marketing companies and digital marketers employ an online virtual assistant to handle copywriting, customer service, keeping track of customers and sales and assisting them with other tasks.

Online marketing and social media overlap. In some cases, online marketing is completely done through social media channels. Many online ads take place on social media platforms. Because of the boom of online marketing more and more people are opening social media management companies that run social media accounts, develop social media accounts and handle advertising needs for social media accounts. Big bucks can be made as a social media manager.

Online marketing overlaps with influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is when influencers on social media promote another business’s brand, service or items. Influencer marketing has a lot to do with social media marketing. Influencer marketing was born from people being able to create social media accounts with massive followings. Influencer marketing is similar to online marketing except the influencer is the person that does the marketing and posts the ad. The influencer is compensated by creating and posting the ad. Influencer marketing is expected to only flourish and grow.

Online marketing became so big because people are spending a lot of time on the internet and they are spending a lot of time making purchases on the internet. From dropshipping to social media management to virtual assistants, the internet has give rise to so many different forms of opportunities and employment that did not exist twenty years ago. This is just the beginning. As technology advances, over the next few decades, the world will be utterly digital and many people will find the internet as their source of income.

Finding The Right Cremation Services for You and Your Family

When a loved one dies one of the most important things is to find a cremation service that is compassionate, has a variety of options, and great pricing when choosing an urn for the ashes to be put in. No family member wants to pay a large amount of money for a cremation, let alone deal with non-empathetic and uncompassionate employees. In order to avoid these potentially stressful situations, hire any professional cremation services chicago il so there will be no stress at all on you or your family while planning funeral service for the death of a loved one.


Compassion is everything when it comes to dealing with cremation services as you will need to learn the cremation process which is never an easy thing to hear. When you find services that are naturally compassionate, you will find the funeral planning process to be easier and less stressful due to the companies kindness towards you and your family. If you feel like the company you chose is not treating you and your family correctly, it is almost necessary to start looking at other options in the surrounding areas.


When you are in the process of choosing an urn for your loved one, you are going to want nothing but the best for them as they would have done the same for you. In order to get all of the best options, you will need to find a cremation service that has a variety of products, colors, and sizes for you to choose from. Without variety, you can never find what you see to be the most suitable earn for your relative to be placed in without the fear of it not being good enough to have their ashes in.

Best Prices

When it comes to funeral planning, the cost of the services can be one of the most stressful experiences you will ever go through. Finding a place that offers specials or deals is very important so you can save extra money for the funeral service or renting a place for a family get together. By spending too much on cremation services, you will have less money to help plan services for you and your family to get together and share memories about your loved ones in hopes to come together and be there for one another through the hurt.

As everyone knows, the death of a loved one can leave you mourning for years to come and it is important for the funeral planning to be as less stressful as possible. To help keep some stress out of your life during this time you can look for affordable options with cremation services as well as a business with a variety of options and compassionate staff. Without these things, you will find yourself going out of your mind trying to plan everything on your own when all you had to do is find a cremation service that has the patients and options to help you through this tough time.…

The Knowledge of An Electrician

Have you ever been out in public and see an electrician out working on something? When you’re driving down the road and see the electric company out and about working on power lines. Have you ever lost power at your house, and had to call the electric company for an electrician to come out and look at your electrical box and wiring? Many people pay no mind to an electrician. The truth is, without electricians, we would have no lights, television, no power to live in your home. Electricians deserve a huge pat on the back. They are the backbone to your home, making there is adequate amounts of power going to all your devices and home.

To become an electrician, there are certain requirements that must be met. You must possess a valid driver’s license, high school diploma, and you must compete an electrician apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is where you will take a course and learn hands on. You must also have knowledge of deep electrical systems, power generators, blueprints, be able to read technical diagrams, maintenance, and repair. Electricians have so much knowledge on electrical devices. Electricians work on electric equipment in factories, homes, commercial buildings, residential buildings. They work on building that are already standing, or ones that are freshly built and under construction. An electrician’s main purpose is to install, maintain and repair, power, lighting, maintain control systems, and electrical communications.

Electricians have to know how to use large electrical loads, use of conduit and have knowledge of wiring. The electrician must know the difference between three phase wiring versus single phase wiring and must be in compliance with the National Electrical Codes. If you are in need of electrical wirings being fixed you can find any, commercial wiring poulsbo wa electrician online in your area. They will come fix all of your commercial electrical issues.

If you, a family member, or anyone else you may know needs an electrician to come out and check your house or company, please make sure to call and make an appointment for a professional electrician to come out and check it out. Electrical is a scary thing to play with. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can be seriously hurt, or it could possibly lead to death. Always make sure you call a professional. They are licensed and trained to keep your house or company in a safe environment. When an electrician leaves, you should have all of your electrical needs fixed. Always remember how important, electricians really are. If you see a electrical truck parked on the side of the road, remember they are risking their lives to help others. In my book electricians are angels just like fire firefighters. They leave their family every day to come risk their life to help you, your family, friends, and loved ones. Never try to fix your electrical issues yourself, always call a professional. Next time you cross paths with an electrician, thank them, make them feel worthy, they deserve it.…

How To Find The Best Janitorial Services

Searching for a janitorial service helps you keep your office or facility clean. Finding a janitorial service is simple when you ask for all the amenities that you need. The company should come on your schedule, do all the cleaning that you need, and give you the best price. Use the tips below to find the right company to serve you so that you are not cleaning up your facility on your own.

1. What Do They Clean?
The janitorial service should clean everything on your property. They need to have all the machines necessary to do the work, and they need enough people to get the work done quickly. Ask the company if they can vacuum, clean the tile floors, and clean all the vents. Ask them to take out all the trash, and ask they if they can help with the bathrooms. You need to know that the space will look perfect when you return, and you must ask the company if they have a plan that reduces the price when you use more services.

2. Do They Come After Hours?
Ask the company if they can come after hours to clean your space. You can give the company clearance to enter the building after you have closed for the day, and you will find that you do not need to lock up. This company should have a manager who will work with you on scheduling, and they will use your employee access to enter the facility. The after hours cleaning that you get might be done late at night, or you might ask the company to come in a couple hours before you get to work. You arrive to a clean office or plant every day, and you never have to work around the cleaning crew.

3. Low Prices
You need low prices on any janitorial services atlanta ga that you are given, and you must ask the company if they can drop your prices the more cleaning that is required. You might ask for a bulk discount if you have multiple buildings to clean. You should ask for the lowest price possible, and you might remove services to drop the price. You should ask the company if they can give you lower prices when you are not using all their services, and they will let you know how much they can drop the price so that you get only the bare bones cleaning service.

4. Fast Service
You must ask for the fastest possible service when you have only a little time to get the facility cleaned. You could ask the company to come for a spot cleaning if you have an event coming up, or you might ask the company how fast they can move. The manager will set up your cleaning schedule for you, and they will show you how they can get the cleaning done faster. The cleaning service that you use should move quickly, give you lower prices, and provide you with all the services you require.…

He Who Grows His Own Food Is Wealthiest

Growing your own food is a wonderfully gratifying experience. Not only do you know exactly what nutrients were used, you know this food is safe from pesticides. You’ll feel a certain sense of satisfaction at the dinner table when the fruits of your labor are spread out before you. Carrots that came from your garden tend to taste a bit sweeter and tomatoes that grow from your own vines, allowed to ripen before picked, are plumper and juicier than any you can find in a grocery store.

Nutritionally speaking, foods grown by your own hand are far better for you because you’ve gotten foods that are ripe when you pick them, not yanked from a vine while still green and then forced to ripen under unnatural circumstances. When you eat foods at their peak of freshness, you get a landslide of nutrition that your cells thrive upon.

Growing Food Year-Round

Extending a growing season with an organic greenhouse production can allow you to live quite nicely from the fruits of your labor. Utilizing a greenhouse can extend a growing season by several months. Greenhouses also protect tender young plants from birds and other animals who will readily feed from your seedlings. Deer, racoons, rabbits, and opossums are notorious for robbing gardens and can lay entire rows of corn bare. Deer will eat the tender stalks of corn before it has even had an opportunity to grow a single ear of corn. With a large greenhouse, you can grow corn indoors. You may start seedlings earlier and transplant to the outdoors when weather allows also.

Utilizing a greenhouse can allow some types of things to be grown during all four seasons. Cabbage loves colder weather and can be grown in a greenhouse if you use the right types of containers. Waist high raised beds can be created to grow nearly any vegetable.


An often overlooked plus in having greenhouse crops is that you have accessibility to this area even if you have physical limitations. Someone in a wheelchair can have a greenhouse lay-out that allows for wider aisles and raised beds so that they can maneuver easily and plant and harvest with ease.

Families are often faced with making poor food decisions because they barely have the financial means to afford all their obligations each month. Growing food in a greenhouse, year-round, always allows a family to have access to fresh food. It can also become as source of extra income or a means of swapping things with neighbors. Bartering is a means by which many of our ancestors were able to bring foods and staples into their home. Swapping some fresh corn for mason jars that allow you to can carrots that you’ll eat in stew the following winter, for example, is a way to extend the wealth that a garden brings.

Food is a necessity. Without proper nutrition in our food, we grow ill. Growing our own food ensures that we stay healthier and live longer.…

Dissecting the Keys to Business Success

In the business world the companies that succeed are the ones that have business leaders that gets creative. Technology has allowed businesses to thrive in ways that may have never been considered before. This means that there are more opportunities for business leaders to reach out to those customers that are interested in new changes and new areas of technology.

Even the concept of marketing is something that is evolving. This means that entrepreneurs must be ready for all of these different changes that are occurring. It is a great feeling for business leaders to have something that can arouse the attention of consumers. In a number of cases it takes app technology to get the attention of those that may rely solely on cell phones. They may utilize technology as a huge part of their lives when it comes to shopping and connecting with other people. This means that business leaders must consider some type of app developers that can help play a part in reaching these potential consumers.

Staying On Top Of The Next Big Thing

The business that survives in a world of competition is the business that stays on top of the next big advancement in technology. Consumers have become bigger fans of cyber shopping. They have become much more inclined to shopping online, but leaders must make sure that consumer data is safe. This means that business leaders that are trying to promote cyber shopping must always stay on top of the advancements in security. They must make sure that any customer data that is sensitive is always going to be regarded with a high level of security. Customers do not want to patronize any company that is not going to be able to ensure that personal data is safe. The companies that can focus on cyber security and encryption methods for data are going to have a greater level of loyalty from customers that patronize them.

Putting Business Affairs In Proper Order

It is great to put the affairs of the business in order at all times. It is a good idea to consider how the business is conducting regular processes from one day to the next. This is a very important thing to keep in mind because every business is not going to operate the same, and certain business processes can limit the amount of sales that a certain business will be able to achieve.

Best Business Practices

At the end of the day creating a successful business is all about knowing what successful businesses are doing already. No one is reinventing the wheel when it comes to business practices. There are some things that have already been proven to work over the years. Businesses that are successful are the ones that are taking note and trying these common business benchmarks. When a business is successful there is a blueprint in place. There are certain rules and regulations to follow. These are things that tend to guarantee a level of success in various fields.…